Why Am I Qualified to Train You?

I have been a full-time trader for 17 years and have successfully navigated virtually every market presented. After serving several years at Merrill Lynch and Edward Jones as a broker, I decided to go out on my own and took the leap into full-time trading. After numerous successes and failures, I developed a systematic approach to trading that reduces risk and increases the probability of turning a profit in the markets. This unique style has allowed me to profit consistently year to year and given me an edge in the markets. I would love to pass on the knowledge and strategies that I have developed over the years, and help you become successful.

What is Your Strategy?

I focus on swing trading and day trading stocks. My specialty is pattern recognition and proper risk/reward trading strategies. I have a keen eye for finding stocks on the verge of making big moves based on technical analysis. I use technical formations to trade both stocks and options. I also have developed a day trading strategy around reading the options tape. Watch this video to learn more.

Which Trading Plan Should I Choose?

I have found success in both swing trading and day trading. For this reason, I have coupled both strategies under the membership plan called “Lightning Alerts.” With the LA subscription you not only get access to my day trading chat room, but you also get access to my weekly swing trading picks, nightly newsletter, and weekly educational webinars. There is no need to sign up for multiple subscriptions, the LA subscription covers everything you need.  I help you identify what type of strategies might be right for your specific life situation, and help you focus in that direction.

What is the Day Trading Chat Room Like?

With the LA chatroom, you get to see exactly what I am watching and trading and listen to me explain in detail the trades as they happen in real time. There’s no better way to learn how to make money in the market, than by listening to and watching a 17 year market veteran trade on a daily basis. Besides myself, the LA Chatroom also boasts some of the best veteran moderators in the business. I have formed relationships with several traders over the years and have brought them with me into the chatroom to assist with idea generation and stock picks!

Can you explain the Swing Alerts?

Typically 1-5 stock picks per week. These are sent out via text message/email and also posted in the LA chatroom. Each alert is fully researched and sent to members along with position size, entries, stop losses, and targets. I take the guesswork out of it  and put my members in the best position to capitalize on the trade. Members are also given a spreadsheet to keep up with open positions and past history of trades.

How does the newsletter help me?

The newsletter is my staple product, it’s what I am known for. Others sell this type of information for thousands of dollars alone because of the detail and time I put into it each night. Preparation is a MUST in trading and through this newsletter you see how much prep work I do to insure that both my members and myself have the best chance of making money. The newsletter consists of: Index Overview, Current Position Review,  My Top Trade Setups, and Educational Trade Reviews. If you want to check out a sample newsletter before joining, then simply enter your email address on the homepage of the website!

Do you have an educational course?

Yes.. it’s called the Lightning Alerts MasterClass. If you are new to trading or looking to further your bottom line then I highly recommend this course. I have put a tremendous amount of time into the development of the course to ensure that you learn my complete strategy and all the secrets behind my trading success. Nothing is left out. On the website, the course is offered as individual videos or you can purchase the entire bundle for a discounted price. If you have questions, reach out: la_mc@ragingbull.com

Can You Make Me A Profitable Trader?

The sky is the limit! But you need to dedicate yourself to learning the strategy. I have been trading for over 17 years now and have been able to make a consistent full-time living, working from home for those years. The reason I developed Lightning Alerts and the Lightning Alerts MasterClass is to help you along in your journey by showing you what works and what has worked for me for so long. The two products that I offer come with all the necessary tools for you to reach your goals and become a profitable trader, alongside of me. One requirement: You must be dedicated and ready to LEARN.